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Who Do We Trust?

Over the past few weeks we have discussed the end of a relationship whether through death or divorce, constructive criticism verses being a naysayer or a gunslinger and forgiveness. It’s not too late to become a part of any of those discussions. Just click on the week for that discussion and join the group.
Divorce or Death
Positive or Naysayers
The Meaning of Forgiveness

It occurred to me that all those previous discussions have a common thread, trust. Who do we trust and what happens when that trust is broken? Do we trust in our political system when lying, cheating and bullying are the tools used daily to fan a racial divide? Do we trust in our religious leaders, when pastors are informed of infidelity or misconduct by leaders within the church and those leaders are allowed to continue to serve without censorship or counseling? Do we trust in God when craziness continues to run rampant within our broken world from senseless gun violence to acts of cruelty, impoverishment and anarchy? Do we trust our spouse or partner? Do we trust one another?

The dictionary defines trust as a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. For the purpose of this discussion that is the definition I’m using when referring to trusting someone, a system or a thing. I trust in God. Some people have asked how can you believe in God when things are so chaotic? God gives us free choice. The chaos we encounter daily is man made because of the free choice we are given. From the Garden of Eden and the forbidden fruit eaten to our refusal to enact laws to get assault weapons off the streets. In some cases, organized religion has turned people away from God. When churches want to see our W2 forms it’s more about their bottom line and padding their pockets then it is about our salvation. When it becomes rule driven instead of Christ centered, there is a problem. I see God’s infinite Spirit shining through in the miracle of life when a child is born, the sound of laughter, every natural wonder from the Grand Canyon to the roaring ocean, to the person reflected in the mirror, I believe are all God’s masterpieces.

I trust my amazing husband of almost thirty-five years. We have watched each other grow-up, make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. We have raised two amazing sons and I’m eagerly awaiting to see them with families of their own. The test of trust while our children were younger was whether or not we would trust them with our most precious treasure, our boys. Some family and friends rose to the challenge. Those are the people we trust with your secrets, the ones that will tell us when we have spinach stuck between our teeth and they do so with love. As our children got older, the trust test became simpler. I learned to trust my instincts. Kind of like a Spidey sense (without the cool costume) or a sixth sense. We can tell when people are genuine, just as they can tell when we’re genuine. Trust is essential for any long-lasting relationship. It critical that we trust our spouse and they trust us because we’re trying to grow a family and an enduring relationship with that person.

Who do you trust and why?

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