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Try your best

Happy thought provoking Thursday. Our positive quote of the day states: “Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best,” by H. Jackson Brown Jr. What does it take to live our best life? Some would argue massive amounts of money; while others might say love, family and a career we enjoy. While all those things may be true, as I’m sitting listening to the roar of the ocean and waiting for the sun to appear, I am humbled by the simplistic beauty of just being still. God’s magnificent handiwork is all around us. Living our best life should begin with thanking our Creator daily for the gift of life. Then using that gift in the pursuit of following our dreams and passions. It’s okay if our dreams change, they should as we grow and achieve different levels of our goals. Our best life should also include helping others, forgiveness (we want it from God and therefore should be willing to extend it to others), and being grateful for this journey called life. #Beinspired #BestLife #LuminousQuotes

Originally posted 2019-09-12 17:05:18.

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