Not living in the past

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Not living in the past

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On Nov 26, 2022, at 10:17 PM, Bernetta Thorne-Williams <> wrote:

Happy spiritual Sunday. Our positive quote of the day states: “Looking back is a way to sharpen the focus on the things you want to change in your life. I think there’s something about nostalgia that really puts a fine point on the here-and-now, and that can be incredibly fascinating and interesting and engaging for the mind,” by Sarah Paulson. Sometimes we use nostalgia as a way of escaping our present. Although we can look to our past with fondness and learn from it, we can’t live in the past. Our time for living and exploring is now, and someday these days will become part of our good old days. #Beinspired #Nostalia #LuminousQuotes

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